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Lifestyle, diet, community & environment all affect us in different ways. How do these aspects have both positive and negative impacts on us?


Our vital body - connected to Prana, life force. Looking at our daily bodily and energetic rhythms and the proximity to our breath. Reflecting on our Pranayama practice to access our vital energy and the affect it has internally and on our surroundings.


Looking now at our meditation practice, we want to understand how our emotions are affecting us. Are we getting trapped in our stories or cultivating a witness presence?


Where do our motivations and desires stem from? What is the internal wisdom that guides us? Reflecting on your practice/teaching of yoga, what have you learned about yourself?


What actions are you taking to reach your state of bliss? How connected are you to your practice? How aware are you as you experience the different layers? What are doing to stay nourished and blissful day to day?

In House Chef

Completing a 200 hour teacher training is the beginning of a long and sometimes confusing path of developing your self awareness. We know that a month is only a brief time to be introduced to the vast world of yogic teachings, and that the early days of sharing and teaching yoga can be incredibly daunting.

One thing we've found lacking in teacher training programs is ongoing student support - who do you call when the music stops? Adjusting back into 'normal life' after training can be an odd process, and its incredibly easy to slip back into a routine that may no longer be serving you.

Those who begin teaching professionally may be undertaking huge transitions in career and lifestyle - navigating a new and foreign world. Its only natural to have a few questions; and for these reasons we are here to help.

In addition to being available on call or email any time, we've developed a program to assist graduates who are interested in ongoing development both on and off the mat.

Based around the Five Layers of Awareness, students will be given the opportunity to explore different aspects of self inquiry as they evolve post-training. Over a series of months we'll send out a different exercise related to each layer, so students can in their own way and time reflect on the subtle changes taking place internally.

We'll enjoy delicious wholefoods catering during the course, provided by the wonderful Linda from Nourishing Ways.

Linda Ross is an Integrative Nutritionist, Wellbeing Facilitator and Wholefood Culinary Expert. Her Prayer, Passion and Purpose is to be of service to the awakening and healing of all people and protection of the earth. Uniting science, spirituality and psychology and working closely with the wisdom teachings of the medicine wheel, she facilitates a heart centred space for you to transform your relationship with food, your health and the gifts of your life. Educated also in the Psychology of Nourishment and Body/Mind Medicine from both the Eastern and Western healing arts, she helps you understand the language of your body, getting to the root cause of what troubles you and guides and supports, as you take the inner journey of reconnecting back to your wholeness and renewing belief in your body’s ability to heal and flourish.
With over 20 years’ experience catering for health and wellbeing events around the world - Her work has its roots in healing food, inspires delicious food crafting and promotes the pleasure of eating. Her wholesome plant-based fare is crafted using local, seasonal and mostly organic ingredients. Blending ancient nutrient-dense foods and contemporary cuisine - each dish is free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar and nutritionally prepared with Love.
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We can cater to a wide range of dietary requirements, drop us an enquiry to find out more.

All trainings are limited to a maximum of 15 students.

If you would like any more information on the trainings, or have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

Seva project: 

Seva means selfless service. Seva is a very important part of a yogic practice, this is why we have set up the “Help a Fellow Student Fund."


We take $100 from every students course cost and put it aside to be shared to a new student that may not have the means but has the dream of joining a teacher training to benefit their community.

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