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About Wild Self Yoga

Our mission is to share the traditional teachings of yoga in an authentic and modern way. To create connection in a disconnected world - connection to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us. To inspire others to break free of old beliefs, and to move forward wholeheartedly in the now. We resolve to use the teachings of Yoga as they were intended - to ultimately make the world a better place.


Nick Ziegler & Rose Hill - Founders

We started this project together almost instantly after we met. The idea born to create something we had both found lacking in our journeys throughout the world of Yoga. Authenticity. A teaching style focused on sharing Yoga as it was intended. An approach based around the student and their individual needs, moving beyond the physical idea of how something ‘should look’ and rather how it feels intuitively.

We're so pleased to now be living our joy, sharing our programs with people from all over the world.

We hope to meet you one day!


~ Hari aum tat sat ~

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