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Amanda Bunton

200hr RYA

North Devon, UK

Amanda has been practicing Yoga for over 15 years.

Amanda offers both traditional Hatha and dynamic Vinyasa flow classes. She likes to combine the two styles in some classes. She also enjoys teaching restorative sessions to heal the mind, body and soul.

Now teaching regular weekly classes in North Devon on Tuesday and Friday evenings, she also runs a Surf & Yoga Retreat Business, running retreats in the UK and abroad, including Women only weekend retreats in Cornwall.

If you're a total beginner yogi Amanda will guide you through the basics at your own pace and make your feel welcome and hopefully inspired to bring more yoga into your daily routine! 

See Amanda's website here


Selena Lowe

200hr RYA & Pilates Certified

Abu Dhabi

Selena started practicing Yoga & Pilates over 6 years ago and was drawn to both practices for the physical and mental benefits they provided.

Selena believes that Yoga & Pilates should be accessible to everyone regardless of their ability and recognises that each person is unique. She aims to meet each student with where they are at this time in their life and practice, guiding and helping them to better connect to their body, mind, be more present in the moment and develop greater body awareness. 

Selena’s goal as a teacher is to empower her students to find strength, joy, and happiness within their own practice.

See Selena's website here


Janna Roepke

200hr RYA Certified


Janna started her yoga journey in year 2015 on a backpacking trip through Australia. Finding peace and balance through the practice she constantly tried out new styles and visited international yoga teachers during her travels. Janna loves slow sequences and aims to inspire her students to integrate yoga into their daily life to find more grounding and balance in a busy world.

Contact Janna here:


Nikki Roda

200hr RYA Certified


Nikki has successfully transitioned from corporate workhorse to full time yoga teacher, so she understands - intimately - the stresses and pressures that our modern lives place on our body's and our souls. As such, she's dedicated herself to making the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation accessible to everyone - not just the most limber of us. When she's not in the yoga shala, she's offering retreats on connecting to one’s own innate creativity - in order to spark more joy in the everyday.

She's currently teaching at the beautiful Rukgala Retreat in Sri Lanka. You can see more of her work, art, anecdotes and guided meditations on her Instagram account: @nikki.roda

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