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"One thing that did surprise me was how much I learnt about myself each day"

"I was so grateful to have you all as my teachers! Each one of you, while presenting different materials in different styles, earned my respect because of your expert understanding and presentation of these complex ideas and concepts. You were all so unique and yet felt like such a cohesive whole. The way you all worked so harmoniously together - bouncing off each other's work, collaborating across classes - really impressed me while helping me also see the large picture of Yoga as a whole."

- Nikki, USA

"I was fully supported throughout the training. All teachers were available when you needed advise or any questions answered. It was a comfortable and open environment. A big thank you to Rose, Xinia and Nick for being so supportive, knowledgeable and wonderful to share this experience with. I would recommend this training to anyone wishing to take this journey." - Selena Abu Dhabi

"The course has been fantastic, the content has been absolutely wonderful, very interesting, I loved the anatomy!"

- Jacquie, UK

"The course gave me a perfect overview about the essence of yoga from a holistic point of view! All important topics were covered." - Janna, Germany

"One thing that did surprise me was how much I have learnt about myself each day as well, going into the philosophy side of things that is something I wasn't really expecting."

- Saskia, NZ

"After the training I am feeling confident and excited to teach. It has given me confidence that I really did not think Id ever have!" - Emily, UK

"It was invaluable to be given the opportunity right from the start to be able to put together sections of a class, teach it to smaller groups or the whole group to build my confidence as well as get useful feedback."

- Selena, Abu Dhabi

I can't imagine doing a training with people who are more supportive, relatable, compassionate, engaging, understanding and patient, seriously guys, well done!"

- Sonja, Australia

"From the first point of contact at enquiry stage all the way through the course I felt supported and encouraged to ask any questions and this enabled me to feel confident in my understanding."

- Amanda, UK

"The training at Wild Self Yoga exceeded my expectations. It's a once and a lifetime experience and it changes you in all aspects of life. Xinia, Rose and Nick are amazing teachers, very inspirational &  they developed into friends throughout the training." - Laura, Germany

"Just do it! Its so good!" - Saholy, Germany

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