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Are you living your truth?

In yoga we are constantly working towards truth in everything we think, say and do. In whatever form of practice we choose we are working with the exploration of the self - the true self. We work through the layers of the self (koshas - see blog here) moving from the gross aspects to the subtle. Once we move through the first few layers we start to uncover who we really are, our true nature.

How often do we mold into different versions of ourselves in various situations? Adjusting to please others. Why do we do this? Does it make us happy?

Understanding what it means to be living in truth can be difficult at first. Developing self awareness and tuning into our intuition is a good place to start.

What does it really mean to be in your truth?

Here are some common patterns we fall into...

Life editing:

Spending lots of time on social media, wondering how everyone else lives such perfect lives. This is life editing, people tend not to show the rollercoaster of life that everyone experiences! To help you start living more authentically try to take breaks from the socials, this will help you to let go of comparisons and live more in the present.

Living others expectations:

People you have in your life, whether it be friends or family hold expectations of how you are as a person based on past experiences of you.

Living society’s expectations:

“You should go to school, then go to uni, have a gap year, get married, get a mortgage, have a baby, take a holiday, retire and then die.” This is perfectly fine and can make a lot of people really happy, however there is nothing wrong with questioning this. Is this what you really want? Perhaps life could happen in a different way?

Succumbing to “Should's”:

“You should swap out the low paying job that satisfies you and take a higher paying job that does not align with your purpose” or “You should go out tonight and drink because its the weekend” or “I have to push myself to do my best 100% of the time” etc.

Telling others you are “good” when you are not:

Asking for help when needed is the best thing you can do for yourself, we are here on this planet to support each other.

Residing in your truth: choices we can make to live more authentically...

Regular check-ins:

Question yourself regularly, and be honest in your answers. How do different situations, circumstances or people make us feel? Are we avoiding making changes because the status quo is ‘easier’? Is it easier to ignore than face a hard truth? In the long term - owning up to ourselves is the greatest gift we can receive.

Be honest about who you spend time with:

Surround yourself with people that align with and fulfil you. Let go of relationships that no longer serve you. We are energetic beings, and can be deeply affected by the energy of those around us. Realise this and limit time with those who you notice have a negative affect on you.

Develop presence:

Notice when you drift off into thought. This can be a sign of avoiding the present reality. When developing deeper authenticity we become more present with each moment that passes.

Own your choices. You alone are responsible for your circumstances. Honour the choices you make, but don’t be afraid to make new ones.

Disregard judgement from others:

When we develop a sureness in ourselves, passing judgement becomes irrelevant. Remember that any judgement from others is merely a reflection on their own state of wellbeing.

Notice how you feel after different activities:

Sure that night on the booze, or ice cream & movie binge might feel good in the short term. Paying attention to how we feel ongoing from these things paves the way for meaningful positive change.

Do more of what makes you happy!

Tuning in and becoming more aligned with your truth takes time, it is a process. A good rule of thumb is to pause before acting or making decisions and try to listen to the feeling in your heart or in your gut - your ‘intuition’. Remember to be gentle with yourself and take your time.

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