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How to find work as a new yoga teacher

It can be somewhat overwhelming after you have completed your 200hr YTT as to what to do next. You might be questioning your skills or experience, but if you are truly passionate about teaching and sharing yoga then why not try?!

Teaching yoga is incredibly rewarding in many ways, and if acting with love and authenticity you are bound to reach your goals!

So where to start? This all depends on you!

Traveling Yogi

There are so many opportunities to travel with yoga! I personally have taught yoga in surf camps in Portugal, run studio classes in the himalayas of India, and facilitated retreats all over Europe.

You can start by joining online community pages that offer teaching work. These are some great groups listed below -

Other websites that can be helpful are:

So what’s the deal?

When you are just starting out you may need to begin as a volunteer teacher. This is a great deal if you are traveling and want to gain experience. Most of the time you will be offered food and accommodation in exchange for teaching. Traveling and teaching is a great way to build contacts, gain experience and see the world!

Hometown Yogi

Start by teaching family and friends!

Ask your local studio: you may have a favourite yoga studio that practice at - this could be the first place you ask to do some “karma yoga” (volunteer work) or maybe assisting in classes. Some studios offer a class for new teachers to gain experience (again usually voluntary).

Join your local yoga Facebook group: Here you can introduce yourself to the community. Offer to take on class covers - this is a great way to start teaching, covering can often lead into taking your own class.

Start a donation based class: In your home or local community centre: This is a great way to start teaching friends and building a public profile.

Offer a yoga event: Create a Facebook event and offer a workshop or retreat. If this feels a little overwhelming you may wish to join forces with another yoga teacher and work together!

Approach Businesses: Corporate yoga is increasingly popular! Many companies hire yoga teachers to come in once or twice a week to offer lunch time or afternoon classes for their employees. You could start by reaching out to local businesses, explaining why they should introduce yoga, and what you offer.

There are so many opportunities out there to teach yoga. You just have to be passionate and teach from your heart. One piece of advice - once you complete your teacher training: start to teach straight away, even if just with friends and family. This will keep you in the groove, continue your learning and keep you motivated to start your own classes!

Ready to go on your teacher training journey?! Find out more here.

Written by: Rose Hill

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