Intensive or part time yoga teacher training?

The yoga world is a vast one, with so many classes, courses, workshops and trainings being offered everywhere you look! You may have started out practicing yoga in a classroom or in your own space watching an online video, and now you are wondering what is the best way to do your 200 hour teacher training?

I have personally attended four teacher trainings over the past 10 years and have gained so much from each of them.

The first training I attended was in New Zealand in a small studio in Auckland city, the course was structured over a 6 month period with our training days one weekend a month. This was a great way to integrate a strong yoga practice into my daily life as I had to practice sadhana (personal practice) everyday and write down reflections on how I felt and how it was affecting me. I came away from the 6 months feeling confident to teach yoga. This was great for me at the time as I also had a full time job.

From then I have attended three intensive style trainings all in India.These courses were structured over a month with everyday starting at 5am and finishing at 10pm, they were very ashram style with a daily havan (fire ceremony) morning chanting, karma yoga (selfless work) and lots of study.. I really enjoyed this style of training as it is so immersive and really forms great habits of healthy living inside and out.

After experiencing both structures I feel they both have different benefits, and it really depends on your life, what you can fit in and the type of person you are.


- Allows you to integrate yoga slowly into your life

- You can work while studying

- Great if you have children and are unable to commit to a month off

- Build a community of like minded people


- Allows you to be fully immersed in the yogic life for a month

- Experience learning in a different environment, away from everyday life

- Quickly develop a daily rhythm

- More days of teacher/student contact

- Accomodation and food for a month is provided

- A great way to holiday or travel and gain a qualification

- Can put you on a path of healthy eating

- Build a community of like minded people

After all these experiences I feel that the intensive format is such an amazing experience and deep way to immerse and learn yoga. I am now super excited to share my own intensives with the yoga world! Check out what we are offering here

With love, Rose

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