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Interview with an Astrologer

I was recently in New Zealand and decided it would be a good idea to interview my mother - Lucille Hill about her passion for Astrology.

Astrology is much more than reading your horoscope in the local paper. It is a complex system that can be used throughout our lives to help arm us with useful knowledge to navigate the world.

Your Astrological chart is cast by using the, date, time and place of your birth. The chart is like a photograph of where all the planets were and what signs they were in at the exact time of your birth. These planets have a big influence on the energy that you bring into the world. A chart consists of 12 houses each representing different aspects of your life. Six houses represent your personal life, such as “the house of self” or “the house of communication”. The other six houses are interpersonal houses such as “house of partnerships” or “house of friendships”. So the first half of the wheel represents the individual self and the second half is how we are in the world.

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Lucille when did you get into Astrology?

When I was 17, my older sisters put me in the car, drove me to the hospital which held my birth records to find my birth time! I wasn’t at all interested at this stage however they wanted to know, and I have been forever grateful to them for doing this as I now have my correct birth time. Since then I have unconsciously gathered influences that have brought astrology into my life. For instance meeting my husband at an astrology camp in Britain in the mid eighties. My husband’s number one passion and focus in his life was astrology and I learned through him vicariously as I was busy being a mum!

What are some of the ways that you have found Astrology to be a helpful tool for you in your life?

Timing and decision making, two broad subjects. Decision making refers generally to making a decision on an action but it also helps you to form a decision on a person you are meeting. If you were to know that other persons base chart even just their sun sign, that helps to give you information on that person and how you can personally connect with them. This will help to make your relationship easier. So looking at people's personalities which is critical in understanding astrology. I have found this a helpful tool in looking at the lives of my children, their blossoming of their personalities, their stages of growing up and what to watch for. We go through certain cycles called “growth cycles”. I don’t hesitate in advising people whether they are on particular growth cycles. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed” this is one of the primary things that astrology gifts us. They say that astrology doesn’t happen to you, you happen to Astrology.

You can stay in bed all your life and not really further yourself, but if you go out there and meet challenges, obstacles, opportunities, then you need to know how to max them out and not fall over flat on your face! Which can happen if you don’t have that foreknowledge.

Astrology is an extremely complex system. What are some of the specialty areas of Astrology that interest you?

I have an interest in daily and monthly cycles, these help me to make any immediate decisions, based on the speed of which those planets closer to the sun travel, which is faster than the outer planets.However one specialty that interests me is the major planetary cycles, major being the outer planets. You put the earth in the centre of your chart, but we all know that the planets orbit the sun which is our star so astrologically looking at our chart with the earth in the centre, you have the moon travelling around your chart every 28-29 days and it goes out from there - Venus and mercury sit quite close to the cycle of the sun, which is around a year, mars is every two years, Jupiter is every twelve years, next is Saturn which is 28-29 years, then we get into the outer planets which is Uranus at 84 years, Neptune is next at 164 years then Pluto at 248 years. So this gives you an idea of how fast the planets move. Those last three planets- Pluto, Neptune and Uranus they are called generational planets. These are of interest to me as the show a particular flavour to people who were born within a certain time period and this correlates to a particular energy that this generation brings into the world. For example people that were born between the years of 1985-1995 they were born with Pluto in the sign of Scorpio. This is a sign of rebellion. Here you look at what scorpio represents in a social sense (not personal). For example, there has never been so many rallies recently by younger people. The last generation that were born with Pluto in scorpio we had the French revolution, which was really big for that time. My generation was born with Pluto in virgo which is a couple of signs back. Virgo represents information, ordered information, very detailed analytical information. This is when the computers took off! So computers were already available, however we were the generation that really got them out there.

We are looking here at social impact through our planetary generations.

Right now Pluto is in Capricorn, it has been in since 2008, this is when Obama was elected and he walked straight into a world recession. Capricorn rules monetary systems, banking, capitalism etc. and this all just went bang! We now have new monetary systems, such as bitcoin, open banking etc. I think there is a general thinking that capitalism isn’t working and we are now looking at ways to work around all the big money guys at the top scarpering all our dollars. Capricorn also rules structures and we have had a global shake up in our housing, it started in America with the recession when people couldn’t sell their houses this was the first thing that was impacted. The cost of housing went up and people started to look for solutions to this - tiny houses, small housing, there have been so many housing programs on here in New Zealand. So I see the reflection of this all around me in my daily life, which is quite fascinating. It’s good to understand these cycles so that we can work with them in order to make a positive outcome of the energy.

Do you feel Astrology is a helpful tool for self development?

Definitely. I know too much about astrology now to not say that. The thing with astrology is that it is not mainstream, however in some ways it is. Look at sun sign astrology which is really put out there by publications, magazines etc. Astrology usually sits on the fence for people because it is not “proven”, why does a mass body of planetary rock affect us? There has been centuries of correlations to astrology throughout numerous cultures that we cannot ignore it.

You can have a personal reading of your chart. A partnership reading - this is where you can cast a relationship chart which will tell you how you work with another person on different levels.

Family chart reading - a family will have similar themes and the reading can help you in working out struggles etc. Astrocartography - you can look at your chart as to where you are living in the world and where that changes for you and works better for you. Astrology can really help you on a daily level to streamline your life as you know it.

Lucille has been studying and using Astrology since a very young age and it has become an ongoing passion that she loves to share with others. If you are interested in having your chart read you can contact her through her email: she offers readings in person or via the internet.

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