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Student Profile - Janna

We caught up with Janna to ask her a few questions about what she has been up to since joining us one year ago in Crescent Head, Australia...

Tell us about your teaching journey, how long after completing your training did you start to teach? How often do you teach and where?

I started teaching as an assistance teacher in February this year at a local yoga studio in Flensburg, Germany. After a month of assisting I started working as a substitute teacher so I could slowly start to create my own classes. Due to Covid I was also teaching some online classes during that time. Working as a substitute teacher has been such a great way for me to try out different styles and ways of teaching. It helped me to build up my confidence and to discover my personal style of teaching. The last couple of months I have been teaching a weekly slow flow yoga class, which has been such a beautiful experience! I always felt overwhelmed with love after teaching a class and I am so grateful for this time. I have recently moved to a new place, so I am more than excited to discover some new yoga studios around!

What are some key elements of WSY’s teacher training that you feel were most helpful in your journey to becoming a yoga teacher?

It´s impossible to list just a few. Every single element of the teacher training was amazing!

Xinia, Rose and Nick gave us a perfect overview about the beautiful world of Yoga and the art of teaching. They showed us how to sequence a class, how to cue the asanas, how to assist and so much more. We delved into the world of philosophy and anatomy and also discovered different styles of yoga. I loved the variety of the training and the loving and supportive atmosphere during the classes. Those three weeks have been an overall beautiful and transformative experience.

Rose, Xinia, and Nick gave me to confidence to head out into this world and share my passion for yoga with others – and that’s something I will always be so thankful for!

How has life been for you since you completed the training? Has anything changed for you personally or otherwise?

The teacher training inspired me to follow my interests for wellbeing and health. I joined an aromatherapy workshop at the beginning of this year followed by a qualification in health and nutrition counselling. I love to combine yoga with other topics and aim to inspire students to consider health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective. I am so grateful for the Wild Self Yoga team for guiding me into this direction!

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