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Student Profile - Saskia

One year after completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training, Saskia shares with us what she has been up to.

Tell us about your teaching journey, how long after completing your training did you start to teach? How often do you teach and where?

After the November 2019 YTT I headed back home to NZ and moved down to Wānaka, a little town in the South Island. I quickly found out there is certainly no shortage of yoga teachers down here which is great but made it difficult to start teaching. I eventually started teaching in February taking one power vinyasa class a week at a hot studio which was very new and exciting, and very sweaty! Then in March when lockdown came the hot power vinyasa classes turned into at home zoom classes which was an interesting experience especially with dodgy wifi connection! Post lockdown I have now been teaching at another studio here in Wānaka taking a mellow flow style class incorporating more Hatha Yoga, as well as Vinyasa classes. I have also been teaching a beginners foundational yoga class which has been so awesome to watch people discover the magic of yoga! I am now teaching 8 classes a week and spend the rest of my week days nannying so I feel very very lucky that everything has fallen into place the way it has, allowing me to spend my time doing what makes me happy.

What are some key elements of WSY’s teacher training that you feel were most helpful in your journey to becoming a yoga teacher?

Honestly everything, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I still refer back to my training manual so much. I loved the different styles of Asana practice with Rose’s Hatha and restorative practices and Xini’s vinyasa, I have learnt so many gem movements and cues from them that I always use in classes. Something that I found very difficult at the time but so useful now is learning to instruct and not just demonstrate Asana. I find my cues are much more specific and beneficial to students when I am paying attention to the bodies in front of me and not so focused on my own movements. Another aspect that I found powerful was learning about yogic philosophy and really learning to take my yoga off the mat. Ohhhh and the yoga nidra was absolutely dreamy, I do really miss that and not to mention the incredible fooood! But seriously, there were so many helpful key elements I could actually list everything, the WSY team are amazing and I left feeling very prepared to teach (and very sad to leave).

How has life been for you since you completed the training? Has anything changed for you personally or otherwise?

A lot has changed for me really, I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say my over all outlook on life has shifted a lot! I went into the teacher training without any expectations of what I would be doing after the training ended. My mind was blown after learning more about this amazing ancient practice and it made me so excited to start teaching and share what I have learnt to hopefully help people as much as yoga has helped me over the years.

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